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Haven Corporation - History
Official Name: Haven Corporation
Abbreviation: HVN
Operational Territory: All of Trade Federation Territory
Faction Type: Production/Recycling

IRC Channel: #cmg-haven-corp (open to all)




Created with the remains of Confederate Recycling Company, Haven Corporation employees only the best engineers of the galaxy in service of the Trade Federation. Haven Corporation is in its best while demolishing facilities and stations through Federation space. The ability to safely and effectually demolish a structure is a engineering marvel in itself. However to recycle the remaining materials into Raw Materials that can be reused in future projects is a service only a select few can provide.

Haven is proud to offer such service to its customers. Along with demolishing, HVN also offers sales of its manufactured fighters such as the Y-TIE, X-ceptor and the TIE-Wing. The galaxy is a dangerous place. Things will always be changing and there is one thing for cretin. There has always been the need for some demolishing... Recycling the Galaxy one facility at a time..

Faction structure and ranks can be found on the Trade Federation Ranks Page.
How to Join

If you want to join Haven Corporation, this is how you apply:

  • Go to 'Join Faction' in Darkness, or click here
  • Select 'Haven Corporation' from the Drop Down Box
  • In the Text Box explain why you wish to join
  • Register on the Trade Federation/Haven Corporation Forums here

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