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The Department of Medicine (DoM) is responsible for all medical aspects within the Trade Federation. The DoM provides responsive and reliable medical services to not just the Trade federation but also all the TF National Factions. For the DoM, as for all combat aspects, war is the ultimate test and the ultimate justification for existence. As the fighters risk all to protect the Trade Federation - medics protect the fighters from disease, environmental hazards, and the effects of wounds and injuries. In the cause and effects of all wars, medical caregivers have saved the lives and limbs of many and when the fighting was done the medical personnel have been at the forefront of rebuilding and improving health systems. The DoM rebuilds facilities and stocks equipment and supplies with the assistance of the Trade Federationís ally medical supplier, Medtech Industry.

Surgeon General
Manta Birostris
The Surgeon General is the chief authority over all medical matters within the Trade Federation and head of the Department of Medicine. As chief advisor to the Viceroy on medical matters, the Surgeon General is an important member of the Federation.



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