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Evocati Order

Shortly after Viceroy Jacob Jansen found he had the power to manipulate the Force, he immediately began to plan an Order within the Trade Federation. Before then there was no place for Federation members to study and train the mysterious power. The plans came to fruition on Year 10 Day 150, the Evocati Order was formed and Viceroy Jansen proclaimed himself the first Grand Master of The Evocati Order. As acknowledgement for their help with formation of the Order, Olwin Froon and Kage Renbukai were appointed as Evocati Masters. The Grand Lord and first Masters formed the Evocati Inner Circle, the leaders of the Order. When it became apparent office of the Viceroy did not allow the time for active leadership of the Order, Viceroy Jansen stepped down and passed the mantle of Grand Master to Master Renbukai, who was at the time strongest of the Order. His reign, however, did not last long and Master Renbukai had to step down. The inner circle quickly voted in Master Execurus Edun as the newest Grand Master of Evocati.

During his reign as the Leader of the Evocati, and with the approval of the inner circle, Edun changed his title from Grand Master to Grand Lord. This mix of Jedi and Sith titles symbolizes the Evocati Order balance between Dark and Light. In early Year 15, on Day 62 the Inner Circle announced Grand Lord Edun stepped down and for time being will not vote on a new Grand Lord. Currently the Inner Circle is the sole governing body, waiting for someone worthy of the highest title.

The Evocati Order is as diverse as the Trade Federation itself, the values of Honour and Integrity at its core. Separated from the single minded approach of the Jedi and Sith Orders, the Evocati accepts and supports all aspects of the Force. Among its ranks are not only warriors but scholars, researchers, alchemists and more. The Evocati Order is a haven and place of discovery for all members of the Trade Federation gifted with sensitivity to the Force. It is one of the supporting pillars of the Trade Federation’s success, and also the first and last line of defence of the Trade Federation.

The Force is the final frontier, the mission of the Order is ongoing and never ending, to further its understanding, to seek out new mysteries, to boldly go where no one has gone before…

"With great power comes great responsibility"
- Master Jacob Jansen - Speaking to the Order during its foundation on Year 10 Day 150

Inner Circle

With the position of Grand Lord vacant, the Inner Circle is the sole leadership body of the Evocati Order.

Jacob Jansen

Olwin Froon

Carmen Sundane

Alan Arcane

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