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Diplomatic Agreements

Diplomatic Agreements

All Trade Federation political agreements can be found here. If you wish to sign any sort of agreement with the Trade Federation, contact the High Ambassador.

Allies of the Trade Federation

Neshig Accords
Parties: Trade Federation, Hapes Consortium
Type: Full Alliance
Signed: Viceroy Jacob Jansen, King Alexander Tylger, King Jessy James
Renewed: Viceroy Jacob Jansen, King Zayth Kadrim
Holonet: http://www.hapes.org/

Relations between the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation date back to Corbin Esco's reign as the first Viceroy of the Trade Federation. As the two governments grew so did their relations. This bond lead to the signing of the Neshig Accords, the first alliance of its kind for both the Trade Federation and Hapes Consortium. The alliance is an economic, military, and political partnership, meaning co-operative economic and industrial endeavors, mutual defense pact, and a joint foreign policy. Together with the Trade Federation, the Hapes Consortium shares jurisdiction over the sector of space called Neshig.

Galactic Concordiate
Sovereign States: Trade Federation, Hapes Consortium, Mandalore, Tion Hegemony, Aurodium Legion
Member States: None
Type: Full Alliance
Signed: Viceroy Jacob Jansen, King Alexander Tylger, Mand`alor Tyr DeMeer, Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin, Legate Dorn Zeke
Date: Year 14
Holonet: http://galactic-concordiate.com/

The Galactic Concordiate (GC) is the largest neutral alliance in the galaxy and spans over 35 sectors and 650 planets. Founded in Year 14 with the ratification of the Treaty of Forsetti, the stated aims of the Concordiate include promoting mutual cooperation, economic interdependence, intergovernmental friendship, and collective defense in order to further peace and prosperity.

Protectorates of the Trade Federation

A protectorate is defined as, and protectorate status is extended to, a political entity that formally agrees by treaty to enter into a relationship with the Trade Federation, called the protector, which engages to protect the protectorate diplomatically or, if needed, militarily against third parties, in exchange for which the protectorate accepts specified obligations, as set forth within said treaty.


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