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Office of the Regent

Appointed by the Viceroy, the Regent is first in the line of succession for the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Although not considered the second in command, The Regent is the most senior and closest adviser to the Viceroy. Regent is the only cabinet position whom the Viceroy can appoint without cabinet consent. The Regent's main responsibilities are determined by the Viceroy, who defines the majority of the Regent's duties as circumstances require. This position is considered one of the most honorable within the Trade Federation as the member appointed has the full trust of the Viceroy and serves as his successor.

Olwin Froon
The Regent is a newer position added to the Trade Federation by Viceroy Jansen. The idea behind the Regent is to ensure the Viceroy can pick his own successor. Only the most trusted and loyal members could ever dream of holding the title. The Regent has full authority second only to the Viceroy and if the Viceroy were to fall, the Regent would automatically claim the position. To date, only three such members have served as Regent for Viceroy Jansen. The first was former Duceroy and long time loyalist, Centauri Tyridus. After only a short stay, retirement came early for Centauri. The title was then awarded to Duceroy Bub`ba Lou who was the main architect behind the reformed Trade Federation. As of Y14D108 Lord Olwin Froon was appointed Regent after a long and sucessfull term as Duceroy.

Past Regents
Bub`ba Lou: Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen (Year 11 Day 188 - Year 14 Day 93)
Centauri Tyridus: Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen (Unknown Date)

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