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Office of the Duceroy

As the right hand man to the Viceroy and second in command of the Trade Federation, the Duceroy is answerable only to the Viceroy. If no Regent is appointed , the Duceroy serves as second (third if a Regent is appointed) in the line of succession should the Viceroy die while in office or resign his command. The Duceroys duties in the Trade Federation will vary depending on the Viceroys wishes.

Nohv Schiller
Throughout all of the galaxy, the title of Duceroy is exclusive to the Trade Federation second in command. The position comes with great duty and responsibility. The official role of the Duceroy is to administrate the day to day operations of the Trade Federation. However responsibilities varies depending on the wishes of the Viceroy. Duceroys have been known to personally head the Department of the Treasury or to administrate colossal constructions projects.

Viceroy Jacob Jansen has molded the position to act more as a partner to himself rather than a subordinate. Giving the Duceroy near equal authority to act as he sees fit. This transformed the Duceroy into the most powerful member of the Federation second only to the Viceroy himself. Making selection of a Duceroy a daunting task. For one must not only be loyal and dedicated, but smart, capable and have a proven ability of administrating large sections of the entire government. Attributes only found in a handful of men.

The position of Duceroy is above what any member can reasonably hope to achieve in their career, and is for all practical intents & purposes the highest any member can achieve. The amount of might that can be rallied by this single individual approaches staggering levels... And the prospect of ever crossing him is enough to make anyone think twice. This is, after all, a man who can make and break careers at a word.

Nohv Schiller is the 13th Duceroy of the Trade Federation. Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen and his Cabinet on Year 14 Day 108.

Past Duceroys
Olwin Froon: Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen (Year 12 Day 97)
Kage Renbukai: Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen (Unknown Date)
Bub`ba Lou: Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen (Unknown Date)
Rand Axim: Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen (Unknown Date)
Horley Cyan: Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen (Unknown Date)
Marco Salo: Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen (Unknown Date)
Jacob Jansen: Appointed by Viceroy Bren Morgarr (Unknown Date)
Centauri Tyridus: Appointed by Viceroy Bren Morgarr (Unknown Date)
Bren Morgarr: Appointed by Viceroy Horley Cyan (Unknown Date)
Nereus Eruresto: (Unknown Date)
Dev Nul: (Unknown Date)
Toran Slisik: (Unknown Date)

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