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Ministry of Production

The Ministry of the Production's (MoP) main mission is to supervise all production within the Trade Federation. The Ministry oversees the Department of Manufacturing (Baktoid Armour Workshop and Centurion Arms), the Department of Naval Production (Kuat Drive Yards and Rendili StarDrive), the Department of Robotics (Dorinian Military Corps) and the Department of Vehicle Engineering (Techno Union).

Minister of Production
Salamku Derov
The Minister of Production is responsible for all ships, vehicles, droids, items and weapons produced by the Trade Federation and its subsidiaries. This includes Trade Federation owned companies Kuat Drive Yards, Techno Union, Dorinian Military Corps and Baktoid Armour Workshop. The position requires extensive experience in the field and to this day has always been filled by shipwrights form Kuat Drive Yards.

Salamku Derov is the 3rd Minister of Production of the Trade Federation. Appointed on Year 14 Day 159 by Viceroy Jacob Jansen and the Trade Federation Cabinet.

Deputy Minister of Production
Ted Winner
The Deputy Minister of Production is the second in command of the Ministry of the Production. Serving as primary assistant to the Minister, the Deputy will assume command of the Ministry holding the title of Acting Minister in the Minister absence. The daily tasks and assignments of the Deputy vary depending on the wishes of the current Minister. Along with serving the Ministry of Production, the Deputy also sits on the Trade Federation Directorate.

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