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Fact Sheet

Trade Federation Fact Sheet

Official Name: Trade Federation
Abbreviation: TF
Capital Sector: Zeemacht Cluster
Capital System: Taanab
Capital Planet: Taanab
Capital City: Forsetti
Population: 300+ Billion

Government Type: Oligarchy
Head of State: Viceroy
Head of Government: Duceroy
Executive Branch: Cabinet
Legislative Branch: Cabinet
Judicial Branch: Department of Justice
Constitution: Ratified on unknown date by Viceroy Corbin Esco. Updated on Year 9, Day 12 by Viceroy Jacob Jansen.

Nationalized Factions: (Factions owned by the Trade Federation)
- Alpha Medical Corps
- Baktoid Armour Workshop
- Centurion Arms
- Commerce Guild
- Dorinian Military Corps
- Kuat Drive Yards
- Rendili StarDrive
- Techno Union
- Haven Corporation

Public IRC Channels:
#tradefederation (TF Main Channel, open to all)
#cmg-cg (Commerce Guild public channel)
#cmg-dmc (Dorinian Military Corps public channel)
#cmg-tu (Techno Union public channel)
#cmg-baw (Baktoid Armour Workshop public channel)
#cmg-kdy (Kuat Drive Yards public channel)
#cmg-gearworks (Vorsia Gearworks public channel)
#tf-traders (Federation Holdings Group public channel)
#cmg-centurionarms (Centurion Arms public channel)
#cmg-rendili (Rendili StarDrive public channel)
#cmg-amc (Alpha Medical Corps public channel)
#cmg-haven-corp (Haven Corporation public channel)

Member Only IRC Channels:
#TF-Members (TF Member only channel)
#tf-directorate (Directorate members only)
#TF-MoD (Ministry of Defence Member only channel)
#TF-MoI (Ministry of the Interior Member only channel)
#TF-MoP (Ministry of Production Member only channel)
#TF-MoS (Ministry of State Member only channel)
#TF-HapesAlliance (TF/Hapan Alliance only channel)
#galactic_concordiate (Galactic Concordiate Alliance Member only channel)

Other Useful Channels:
#swc-help (Do not idle in here, ask a question and an admin can answer)
#swc-members (General chatroom for all SWC players)
#swc-traders (Public trading room for all, a bazaar of items exchange)




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