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Commerce Guild - Services

Commerce Guild Services

The Commerce Guild, also known as the Trade Federations' Department of Resources, is dedicated to locating, identifying and mining the riches (in raw material form, of course) of Trade Federation space. However, all of our material output does not go directly to the Trade Federation. The Commerce Guild sells raw materials to Trade Federation members at low prices and in large quantities for special communal projects!

How can the Commerce Guild do this? Simple! With a group of seasoned prospectors it searches every nook and cranny of every planet in Trade Federation space for that sweet spice known as raw materials. Once located and identified, talented builders are dispatched to construct the mines and then the workers can begin the weekly process of extracting the raw materials. Once extracted the raw materials are placed inside of storage facilities until transport pilots can arrive to haul them to wherever it is they are needed to meet the needs of the Commerce Guild’s dedicated customers.

The Commerce Guild no longer offers raw materials or prospecting services outside of the Trade Federation.  We will however be willing to manage your mines for a small fee.  If you want some information concerning our other services, just DM the faction leader.

Notice: Our sales are actually closed for persons and factions outside of the Trade Federation.

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