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Dorinian Military Corps - History
Official Name: Dorinian Military Corps
Abbreviation: DMC
Operational Territory: Obroa System, Nouane Sector
Faction Type: Production/Droids

IRC Channel: #cmg-dmc (open to all)



Owned by the Trade Federation, Dorinian Military Corps was established many centuries ago when the planet of Dorin and it's inhabitants lived in a time of peace and prosperity. Though, the planet of Dorin was struck hard as an event known as the Great Conflict spread over the planet over an argument of the rightful heir to the Dorin throne. The Talmon family sought for their biologically rightful heir to be placed as monarch over Dorin, yet Barkos Talmon, the monarch of that time, lawfully gave the throne to his other son, Jaala Koon. The hardest hit came several hundred years later, when Talmon loyalists stormed the palace and killed Nekoda Koon, ruler of that period, reclaiming the throne for themselves. The Talmon family gained support and aid from the Trade Federation, who saw the growing droid industry on Dorin as a possible threat. The Talmon's ruled with a harsh fist, striking down all opposition. Dorin's economy hit bottom as the planet remained in chaos.

Though, Vel Koon, ex-Jedi Master and heir of Nekoda, returned to Dorin with a group of loyal Kel Dor and stirred up a resistance group with the Kel Dor population. The Trade Federation, after being betrayed by the Talmons and seeking to right the wrongs of their past, provided the resistance movement with a great amount of financial aid as well as a hardy stock of Battle Droids. Through a series of hit-and-fade battles and gaining Kel Dor support, Vel Koon and his band were successful in overthrowing the tyrannical Talmon family. Thus, peace and order was restored to the wondrous world.

Vel Koon then remained on the planet of Dorin, helping to rebuild what was lost. The first successful re-established company was the Dorinian Military Corps. Dorin manufactured goods are highly sought out in the universe, so the company quickly rose to its original standards. It is now the galaxies top military droid production company, providing a wide range of warfare droids.

Dorinian Military Corps is a Trade Federation branch with a main purpose of producing military droids for Trade Federation and it's nationalized factions. Military droids, except the Battle Droid, are not available to the public. DMC also produces a few other droids that are available to the public and you can check the availability and prices on this page. For all questions regarding droid sales, please contact the faction leader.
Faction structure and ranks can be found on the Trade Federation Ranks Page.
How to Join

If you want to join the Dorinian Military Corps, this is how you apply:

  • Go to 'Join Faction' in Darkness, or click here
  • Select 'Dorinian Military Corps' from the Drop Down Box
  • In the Text Box explain why you wish to join
  • Register on the Trade Federation/Dorinian Military Corps Forums here

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