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Jacob Jansen

Olwin Froon

Nohv Schiller

Minister of Defense
Carmen Sundane

Minister of the Interior
Marcus Justinian

Minister of Production
Salamku Derov

Cabinet Members

The Cabinet is composed of the most senior officers of the government of the Trade Federation, who are the Viceroy, Regent, Duceroy and heads of the three Ministries. Overseen by the Viceroy, the Cabinet is the true decision making body of the entire Trade Federation. The existence of the Cabinet dates back to the forming of the new Federation and the first true Viceroy, Corbin Esco.

All cabinet Ministers are nominated by the Viceroy and then presented to the rest of the Cabinet for confirmation with a majority vote. If they are approved, they are sworn in and then begin their duties. Members of the Cabinet serve at the pleasure of the Viceroy, which means that the Viceroy may dismiss them or reappoint them at will.

Metyl Onyx

Navik Ikron

Cabinet Advisors

The Cabinet may choose to allow advisors within the Cabinet Chambers for discussions of interests to the Trade Federation. An advisor must be a citizen of the Trade Federation or a Nationalized Faction that is nominated by the Cabinet, then approved unanimously by the Viceroy, Regent, Duceroy and Cabinet Ministers prior to admittance to the Cabinet Chambers. Advisors serve a lifetime term. Cabinet Advisors are typically former Cabinet members who have gained absolute trust of the Viceroy and the Cabinet after sufficiently long & dedicated service to the Trade Federation.

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