Retirement of Regent Bub`ba Lou
Posted by Jacob Jansen on March 02 2013 11:49:20

TFNN - Taanab, Zeemacht Cluster

In a short, low-key announcement today, Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen has announced the retirement of longtime Regent Bub`ba Lou. "It is a sad day for me to announce the retirement of my good friend of many years. Our paths intertwined back at the creation of the Confederate Mining Corporation where Buba'Lou was quickly appointed to CEO. I was quick to pick up on his command potential and in no time, he was leading the Federation at my side. I can easily credit the current structure we dominate with today to his design. His retirement is well deserved, yet I await the day he returns."

Lou was named Regent on Day 187 of Year 11, less than a week after he stepped down from the position of Duceroy due to increasing family obligations and two months after previous Regent Centauri Tyridius stepped down for similar reasons. Bub`ba Lou's first leadership position was as second-in-command of Confederate Mining Corporation during Marco Salo's tenure as CEO. Lou was promoted to CEO and later Minister of the Interior before being nominated to the position of Duceroy, a capacity in which he served with distinction for years.

Lou was unavailable for comment regarding the end of his official service to the Trade Federation. In a short conference Duceroy Olwin Froon commented. "He has fulfilled his duty to the Viceroy and the Trade Federation, that's for sure. He looked tired, worn out... old. Hell, even the joints of his armor were squeaking."

An informal, anonymous poll of Trade Federation government officials revealed an overwhelming amount of support for the outgoing Regent, reflected in this comment from a member of the Ministry of the Interior: "After all he's done for the Trade Federation, the guy has more than earned a peaceful retirement."