Viceroy Aims To Strengthen Trading Community
Posted by Jacob Jansen on January 20 2013 14:38:47

TFNN - Taanab, Zeemacht Cluster

In a short broadcast earlier today from the Trade Federation Capitol Building in the city of Forsetti, Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen announced a new endeavor to strengthen ties among the galaxy's fragmented trading groups, known as the Trade Federation Citizen Program. The Viceroy described the Federation's new plan in the following statement:

"The Trade Federation strives to be an open government standing for free trade and the basic freedom to operate a business and prosper in an increasingly complex galactic economy. Through our new program, we will recognize honorable traders of the galaxy by offering the support of the powerful economic engine of the Trade Federation. In doing so, the Federation Cabinet has elected to grant citizen status to galactic residents who fit the higher standards set to traders by the Trade Federation."

A press release from the Office of the Viceroy issued after Viceroy Jansen's address fleshed out further details of the Program. The Program will contain three distinct levels: an entry level for people just getting to know the Trade Federation, full citizenship, and a separate honorary citizenship for unparalleled contributors to the greatness of the Trade Federation. The entry level grants greater access to Trade Federation civilian communications networks and offers a 5% discount on products publicly sold by Trade Federation businesses. The full citizenship level, granted to those with "a long and trustworthy relationship with the Trade Federation, includes the full government employee discount on public sale goods as well as access to the internal Intergalactic Relay Chat room frequented by many Federation government members in their off-duty hours. The highest level is reserved for honored citizens who are pillars of Trade Federation society. Honorary citizenships are only granted by the Trade Federation Cabinet. All other citizenship applications are handled by the five-member Citizenship Approval Board, which is responsible for running the program.

This new program boasts the potential to bring more people, relationships, business networking opportunities, and revenue to the Trade Federation and its citizens. Citizenship Approval Board member and Director of Resources, Pat Rulla, said that "the Approval Board has had several requests mentioning that it's a good thing that a galactic trader can have a TF citizenship, related to our neutrality and the ability to trade with all parties in the galaxy." Even after only being officially neutral for a short time, Citizenship in the Trade Federation has begun to take on a certain prestige that is attractive to previously unaffiliated entities.

Another government official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, was quoted as saying: "We are all very excited for the potential that the Citizenship Program will have. We have already received a flurry of applications from various well-known galactic entrepreneurs, such as Dac Kain, and former Trade Federation government officials who wish to maintain close ties with us without rejoining the government itself, including former Viceroys Horley Cyan and Bren Morgarr. Our policy is to welcome anyone who believes in honorable, profitable free enterprise, as befits our neutral political stance. The popularity of the Citizenship Program so far is impressive and has everyone involved very excited for the future."

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the Citizenship Program or who would like to fill out an application form should visit the Trade Federation Holosite.