Honor, Integrity and Profit
Posted by Jacob Jansen on October 09 2012 21:44:47

TFNN - Taanab, Zeemacht Cluster

The Trade Federation logo is visible for a short time on the holoprojector screen, then slowly fades. Captions appear, revealing the source of the transmission as the Media Room in the Capitol Building in the city of Forsetti, the seat of power for the Trade Federation.

A consecutive series of indiscernible, randomly-blinking red dots eventually becomes apparent as the uniquely distinct function lights of Super Battle Droids on perimeter guard in the brightly lit room. As the holocamera focuses on the dais, the Trade Federation Cabinet is seated in front of a large window looking out upon the capital city.

All murmurs and utterances from the invited press gallery subside in anticipation as Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen steps forward, datapad of notes in hand, and activates a microphone. After a small pause, he begins.

"I thank you all for your attendance this morning. I would like to make a brief announcement regarding a decision that my Cabinet and I have reached regarding the political direction that the Trade Federation will be taking henceforth. Obviously this decision will have some fairly...significant ramifications in political arenas directly involved with the Trade Federation Government and consequently extends beyond those boundaries due to the nature of such a decision. Therefore I felt it was appropriate to invite all the associated press to cover what could only be described as a turning point in the history of the Federation.

First off, I would like to say that by no means has this decision been taken lightly, this issue has been the subject of a considerable amount of quite lengthy debate for some time now within the Cabinet.

We, the Trade Federation, through the legislative power granted to the Cabinet through the Articles of Federacy, have chosen to follow a Neutral political stance to further enhance the ability of the Federation to uphold our fundamental ideology of Honor, Integrity and Profit; and subsequently, endeavor to enhance the ability of the Federation to distance itself from galactic conflict through increased multilateral economic and diplomatic relations.

The Trade Federation has undoubtedly enjoyed membership within the Imperial Union. It has been a positive and economically prosperous experience since our induction into the Union late in Year 9 and we will hold many fond memories of the friendship that was extended towards us, and the security granted as a major participant within the Union. We hope that the Trade Federation had a reciprocal effect towards our former Union allies and thank them for the experience. This Imperial Union era was historic in itself and will always remain a significant time for the Trade Federation as we look forward to continued mutual respect towards our galactic neighbors.

Briefly I would like to reinforce the main reason behind this landmark decision. While there has been some turbulence within the Imperial Union, it also acted as the evidential catalyst that allowed us to redeem our heritage and address our future aspirations. In essence it comes down to our basic fundamentals and perhaps the best explanation can be given by simply quoting an extract of the original Trade Federation Articles of Confederation, which existed well before my reign as Viceroy and the amended Articles of Federacy.

'We, the traders of the galaxy come together to form a Federation that protects the rights of traders and provide a safe haven for the honest traders and peoples of the galaxy. We form this Federation with a great spirit of tenacity in order to become a sovereign government within this galaxy. Furthermore we reserve the right to be a free standing government without any external influence, free of persecution and coercion and remain a neutral force in any war, offering all participants, equal opportunities to take advantage of Trade Federation services.'

For those that may wish to dissect any parts of that statement as contradictory for the purpose of sensationalism, I would like to point out that we in fact have always reserved the right to neutrality, it was never revoked nor forfeited, merely not enacted by our own free will. At this juncture we now feel that the best economic and political growth for the Trade Federation will be through a once-again neutral stance and seek to establish enhanced diplomatic and trade relations with all governments and factions across the galaxy, expanding beyond the focus that self-imposed Imperialism entailed.

Any relevant inquiries regarding this decision or interest in our invitation may be pursued through the usual diplomatic channels. Thank you for this opportunity to clarify the situation to those interested parties."

Viceroy Jansen smiles as he approaches his Cabinet, shaking hands as they are extended from each now standing Ministers, then turns around to face the assembly as the image fades.