New Protectorate: Katana Fleet
Posted by Jacob Jansen on September 01 2012 09:40:58

On Day 259 of the Year 13, after numerous diplomatic missions and a long-standing partnership, a Protectorate Act was signed between the Katana Fleet's leader and owner Draith Shadux and the Trade Federation Cabinet. This act is a military as well as an economical partnership, and is only granted to a select few factions, who have proven themselves as allies of the Federation.

Draith Shadux, Hierarch of the Katana Fleet, former member of the Trade Federation's Ministry of Defense and also a Lord of the Evocati, has always been very loyal to the Federation. The Cabinet is pleased to be able to expand our relations with the Katana Fleet through this act.

Given its status as a protectorate, the Katana Fleet is granted access to the Trade Federation holonetwork and its members are able to participate in all activities on it. The faction itself is allowed to request funds from the treasury as well as assistance from the Federation and its numerous departments. Anything from starships, droids and equipment to purchasing raw materials from the Department of Resources (Commerce Guild). Through this Act the Trade Federation military pledges to protect the Katana Fleet, should the need arise.
In return the Fleet may assist the Trade Federation in a number of activities, as they come up and as are agreed on between the two factions.
In the end, this is all about expanding relations and helping out friends.

The Katana Fleet is the third faction to sign a Protectorate Act with the Trade Federation. Joining the ranks with MedTech Industries and the Corporate Alliance - our first and second protectorates respectively.
I would like to welcome the Katana Fleet to our family and hope much good is to come between us.