Federation Ledger; Volume 3, Issue 4
Posted by Marcus Justinian on February 04 2012 16:19:47
Well, dear readers, the final issue from Volume 3 has finally arrived...better late than never, right? I assure you, the wait is definitely worth it - we have the last chapter of Living and Dying, an in-depth look at the newest Imperial Union member, and our regular advice and social news features.

I would also like to announce some changes to the Ledger Team. Departing us is Augustine Phiro, long time MoI veteran and Ledger writer. Joining us are Shaidar Haran, Marven Sirenius, and Noah Bulger. The Ledger is proud to welcome our new additions! With their help, Volume 4 should be one to remember.

One last thing: the Ledger has started a Classified Ads section. If you have something or someone you want to buy/sell/trade/rent/borrow/hire, the Ledger Classifieds is the place to do it. All inquiries are to be sent to Editor Marcus Justinian.