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Baktoid Armour Workshop acquires Creshaldyne Industries
Ministry of ProductionThe Imperial Union has once again shown their might with their latest acquisition, Creshaldyne Industries. After intense negotiations and ferocious bidding, the Trade Federation reinforced Baktoid Armour Workshops' title as the leading items manufacturer of the galaxy. BAW absorbed Chreshaldyne's datacard lineup into it's own, already impressive inventory. Cheshaldyne held the schematics to a lot of Baktoid's designs, and this merger ensures that most of BAW technology is once again unique.

· Metyl Onyx on November 07 2010 01:11:50 · Print
Duceroy Appointed!
Office of the Viceroy:::TFNN Velm System, Centrality Sector:: Live from the Trade Federation Flagship, the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship TFF Prosperity:::

The logo of the Trade Federation Viceroy appears on the screen and slowly is faded out and Jacob Jansen is seen standing on the bridge of the TFF Prosperity. Oblivious to the TFNN cameras, flight droids and Neimoidian bridge crew work in the background. The camera slowly zooms out and the rest of the Cabinet is seen standing behind the Viceroy.

"Citizens of the Trade Federation. I am speaking to you today to announce our new Duceroy. For many weeks Regent Bub'ba and I reviewed candidates who all overwhelmed us with their qualifications. We took many hours to discuss who we felt would be best suited for the colossal task of second in command of the Trade Federation. Finally, we came to a decision, and that decision was then brought to the Cabinet. With their unanimous support, the deed was done."

Jacob pauses for a moment.

"I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who was in the running for this position. I wish I could promote every one of you, but the job can only go to one person and in the end, a decision had to be made. You who were considered, and you know who you are, are all true assets to the Trade Federation. We are very lucky to have you and none of us will ever overlook your importance and loyalty."

Jacob takes a step closer to the podium and turns slightly facing the Cabinet at his side.

"Without further a due, I herby promote Minister of Defense, Kage Renbukai to the rank and post of Duceroy of the Trade Federation effective immediately!"

Jacob claps his hands as the new Duceroy bows to the cameras.

"Duceroy Renbukai is the most senior member of the Cabinet and all of us have the utmost faith in his leadership, dedication and loyalty. Still, his job won't be easy. Not only will he be working with me on a daily basis" Jacob pauses to smile, "but he will have a much wider realm to oversee. This realm includes every aspect of the Trade Federation. Even with all this, there is a more daunting task. That is filling the shoes of our last Duceroy, Bub'a Lou. I think we all agree, this will be his hardest task, but one I know he will be able to achieve."

Jacob and the rest of the Cabinet clap their hands as Duceroy Renbukai waves to the cameras.

"Now I give you our Duceroy, Kage Renbukai!"
· Jacob Jansen on June 26 2010 10:05:56 · Print
Declaration of Alliance
Trade FederationStenness Node Sector, Aweris System --- Following months of talks and weeks of non-stop fine tuning the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation are gathering in the Stenness Node's Aweris System in order to sign a full alliance between the two close knit governments. This alliance, the first of its kind, for both governments will lead them to new and before unparalleled levels of success militaristically, economically, and socially.

Whispers of such an alliance were first rumored to exist almost half a year ago when Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen visited Hapan King Jessy James in the Hapan System. Since then both leaders have been discussing the possibilities of a full no strings attached alliance. Having settled the terms of the alliance, the leaders spent the good part of the last few weeks fine tuning all the small details with their respective governing councils before agreeing to the proposal at hand.

The recent acquisition of the Stenness Node Sector from the Galactic Empire was carefully planned out by both governments in order to act as a gateway between the Hapes Cluster and Glythe Sector. The sector will be jointly governed and developed into a bustling haven. Even now prospecting crews are en-route to survey the sector’s planets and defense forces are being dispatched to safeguard the citizens of the sector. In no time at all Bulk Freighters will be flown in carrying vast amounts of raw materials as well as their seasoned building crews in order to begin the expansion process.

Now live to the signing of the Declaration of Allegiance. Present at the ceremony are many notable members of the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation including both the Hapan Crown Prince Alex Tylger and Trade Federation Duceroy Bub`ba Lou. Seen approaching the gilded table in the middle are King Jessy James and Viceroy Jacob Jansen both dressed in the dress uniforms befitting their honorable positions. With smiles on their faces and pens in hand they lean over the Declaration of Allegiance and sign at their respective spots. The two then both raise the signed declaration up for the cameras to see as they shake hands knowing that from this moment on the future of their governments will be forever interwoven and forever bright.

As cameras are seen flashing and reporters trying to get statements out the two leaders, the feed fades out to a star map of the Stenness Node Sector with the logos of the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation displayed interlaced with one another. The image darkens and is replaced with a black background before returning back to the regularly scheduled programming.
· Jacob Jansen on January 29 2010 00:15:08 · Print
Minister of State Appointed!
Ministry of StateWith unanimous approval from the Cabinet, I herby appoint Dominic Masters Minister of State of the Trade Federation effective immediately!

Minister Masters has been a rising star in the Ministry of State and since Minister Rullas resignation, he was top of the list. The Cabinet and I have full faith in Minister Masters and his ability and loyalty to the Trade Federation.

Congratulations to Minister of State Dominic Masters!
· Jacob Jansen on October 30 2009 22:25:27 · Print
Confederate Ledger Issue #9
Trade Federation
· Jacob Jansen on October 15 2009 23:50:46 · Print
New Director of Robotics
Ministry of Production

Sadly Jeeva Ob is not longer able to serve as Director of Robotics. She had sent her resignation to my office last week and the Cabinet was quick to appoint a new Director to take her place.

Without further delay, please congratulate former Minister of Defense Daniel Zorg who has already taken up the post of Director of Robotics aka DMC faction leader.

Daniel has some large shoes to fill, but I have much faith in him and his new staff. I would like to take the time to thank Jeeva for her long standing service. She has always been a loyal supporter of the Trade Federation and the Confederacy and I am sure she will be back in a command position again in the near future.
· Jacob Jansen on October 02 2009 16:40:06 · Print
Trade Federation Viceroy visits Hapes Cluster
Office of the Viceroy

This is Tal Ercrow reporting live for TFNN from the Hapes Consortium's capital system, Hapan, where Viceroy Jacob Jansen makes his first visit since assuming leadership of the Trade Federation. This event was on the calendar for many months. Viceroy Jansen and his second in command, Duceroy Bub`ba Lou, are making an official call on longtime friend and ally, King Jessy James of the Hapes Consortium.

In the early hours of Year 10, Day 294 the Trade Federation flagship, the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship TFF Prosperity, exited hyperspace in the Hapan system escorted by members of the Vinsoth Defense Fleet. The colossal command ship made way to Hapes' orbit where it joined formation with the Hapan King's flagship, the Super Star Destroyer HRS Tini' duran. The sight of these massive ships is a memory few will ever forget: two of the most awe-inspiring ever constructed, side-by-side.

Upon entering orbit, the Viceroy, accompanied by his Duceroy, shuttled over to the HRS Tini' duran where they were greeted by a large number of Hapan dignitaries and the Hapan King himself. The Viceroy was then ushered to a private meeting room with the King. TFNN reporters were not allowed access to the meeting, but we are informed the first element of the meeting was a joint meeting with Imperial Union heads of state. His majesty Emperor Vodo Bonias, along with Mand'alor Tyr DeMeer, joined the Viceroy and King via holonet transmission. The latter part of the meeting between Viceroy Jansen and King James was solely regarding Trade Federation-Hapan affairs. It is no secret that Trade Federation relations with the Imperial Union members have improved dramatically since becoming an IU member government. Relations with the Hapes Consortium have always been strong and have further fortified with entry into the Union. TFNN is told the two leaders also discussed plans for joint military defenses and operations designed to protect both Trade Federation and Hapan Space. With the two allied superpowers in close proximity to one another, this is a natural progression. The Viceroy also hinted that he spoke with King James about future economic developments to be undertaken by both governments.

Following the meeting, the Viceroy has plans for lunch with the King followed by a personal tour of the Hapan capital city. This trip is very special to the Viceroy. "It has been far too long since I last visited my home planet," Jansen said. "I left but a young man with much to achieve and return as Viceroy of the great Trade Federation."

"My arrival in system was amazing. The Hapan system is a beautiful arrangement of light reflecting of the many space platforms and planets. There is no question Hapes has a very special place in my heart. The fresh breeze blowing in my face, the beautiful forests, mountains, lakes and gardens is an experience one cannot fully describe without experiencing first hand. Oh, and the beautiful women. One cannot forget about the women," Viceroy Jansen said with a smile. "There is nothing like home, and I know I will have a great time with my good friend King James."

TFNN expects the Viceroy and Duceroy will indeed have an excellent time in the last few days of his journey, but this trip is also an important milestone for the Trade Federation; further solidifying its strong and ever-growing relationship with the Hapes Consortium.

This is Tal Ercrow for TFNN, live in the Hapan system, signing out...
· Jacob Jansen on September 22 2009 16:28:35 · Print
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