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Confederate Ledger Issue #14
Trade Federation
Confederate Ledger Issue #13
Trade Federation
Confederate Ledger Issue #12
Trade Federation
Declaration of Alliance
Trade FederationStenness Node Sector, Aweris System --- Following months of talks and weeks of non-stop fine tuning the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation are gathering in the Stenness Node's Aweris System in order to sign a full alliance between the two close knit governments. This alliance, the first of its kind, for both governments will lead them to new and before unparalleled levels of success militaristically, economically, and socially.

Whispers of such an alliance were first rumored to exist almost half a year ago when Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen visited Hapan King Jessy James in the Hapan System. Since then both leaders have been discussing the possibilities of a full no strings attached alliance. Having settled the terms of the alliance, the leaders spent the good part of the last few weeks fine tuning all the small details with their respective governing councils before agreeing to the proposal at hand.

The recent acquisition of the Stenness Node Sector from the Galactic Empire was carefully planned out by both governments in order to act as a gateway between the Hapes Cluster and Glythe Sector. The sector will be jointly governed and developed into a bustling haven. Even now prospecting crews are en-route to survey the sector’s planets and defense forces are being dispatched to safeguard the citizens of the sector. In no time at all Bulk Freighters will be flown in carrying vast amounts of raw materials as well as their seasoned building crews in order to begin the expansion process.

Now live to the signing of the Declaration of Allegiance. Present at the ceremony are many notable members of the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation including both the Hapan Crown Prince Alex Tylger and Trade Federation Duceroy Bub`ba Lou. Seen approaching the gilded table in the middle are King Jessy James and Viceroy Jacob Jansen both dressed in the dress uniforms befitting their honorable positions. With smiles on their faces and pens in hand they lean over the Declaration of Allegiance and sign at their respective spots. The two then both raise the signed declaration up for the cameras to see as they shake hands knowing that from this moment on the future of their governments will be forever interwoven and forever bright.

As cameras are seen flashing and reporters trying to get statements out the two leaders, the feed fades out to a star map of the Stenness Node Sector with the logos of the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation displayed interlaced with one another. The image darkens and is replaced with a black background before returning back to the regularly scheduled programming.
Chief Justice Appointed
Ministry of State

Ladies, gentlemen, and all beings of no defined gender thank you for joining us for one of the biggest announcements of the year to come out of the Trade Federation! Just over two weeks ago Viceroy Jansen announced that the position of Chief Justice needed to be filled and the number of applications that he received can be best defined as plenty. After carefully sifting through the applications with the Cabinet one applicant was nominated for the position. With the approval of the Duceroy the remaining Cabinet members placed their votes and today a new Chief Justice has been appointed. Everyone please put your hands together for a round of applause for the Trade Federation’s newest Chief Justice…

Bosco Plixt

Congratulations Chief Justice Bosco Plixt!

DMC Opens Public Sales
Ministry of ProductionDorinian Military Corp has announced the opening of public sales to citizens of the galaxy. Market analysts had estimated DMC’s public debut of sales would be imminent due to an increase in capital and production capacities. Dorinian Military Corp is the sole producer of the coveted military droids of the Trade Federation. For many years DMC has guarded their droids carefully. However, they have announced opening of public sales of their less guarded droids, including the Battle Droid, Pit Droid, 2-IB Droid, and the R1 Astromech droid.

DMC factories have recently been producing increased amounts of droids, a DMC spokesperson says. There has been a push for DMC products, particularly the Battle Droid. These are now being sold publicly through the Trade Federation Market.

Zone Supplies Limited Merges with Baktoid Armour Workshops
Ministry of ProductionOn Year 11 Day 28 Zone Supplies Limited was officially absorbed into Baktoid Armour Workshop. This resulted from an Imperial Union purchase, in which each government of the Union agreed to equally fund the acquisition.

Zone Supplies Limited, formally under the command of Markus Blackheart, is a respected producer of numerous items, ranging from armors to survival equipment. Before the merger, Zone Supplies Limited factories had not produced for the public, however now all ZSL factories, equipment, and personnel will now be operating under BAW administration. Under BAW, these entities will be utilized to produce a wide variety of items. Former entities exclusive to ZSL will now be produced by BAW, as ZSL engineers and designers have begun to share their datacards.

The absorption of ZSL has swelled BAW’s already impressive capital assets. BAW is expected to have a large increase in production, solidifying their already galactic supremacy over item production.
Happy Holidays from the Trade Federation!
Trade FederationThe Trade Federation is a great place to be in the holiday season! Instead of being forced to shop around for the best bargain (or rather faction) to join, our members know to look no further, as both the generosity of our commanding officers and the holiday cheer of the average member are definitely top notch!

If you're new to the Trade Federation or the CIS, or you've just forgotten about "Santa Jansen" and his tendency to spread holiday joy, then let this serve as a cheerful reminder about all of the seasonal bonuses that are available to all members during this part of the year. First, there's the traditional Holiday Raffle! What does one have to do to register in the raffle? Simply visit the main Trade Federation Members board and follow the instructions. If you're lucky and your name is drawn, then you might be the proud new owner of anything from a luxury space liner, a freighter, a gunship, or a masterpiece custom image by one of the Federation's most brilliant artists!

New to CIS members this year is the 2 million credit holiday bonus! Unlike the raffle, this great offer is only available to those who have been active in the Trade Federation for the past three months - which is most of you, so keep up the good work! And there's no need to register for this extra cash. Each of your respective commanding officers will be the one to make sure you get recognized for your hard work.

Be sure to stop by the main Trade Federation Board to both thank you commanding officers for their generosity and celebrate the holiday season with the fellowship provided by the friendly population of our great faction! Long live the Trade Federation!

With Honor, Integrity, and Profit

Courtesy of Mathias Skylancer
Department of Culture - Reporter
Confederate Ledger Issue #11
Trade Federation
The Confederate Ledger Issue #10
Trade Federation

Minister of State Appointed!
Ministry of StateWith unanimous approval from the Cabinet, I herby appoint Dominic Masters Minister of State of the Trade Federation effective immediately!

Minister Masters has been a rising star in the Ministry of State and since Minister Rullas resignation, he was top of the list. The Cabinet and I have full faith in Minister Masters and his ability and loyalty to the Trade Federation.

Congratulations to Minister of State Dominic Masters!


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