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Chief Justice Appointed
Ministry of StateLadies and gentlemen thank you for joining us here for an exciting announcement from the Department of Justice. A few weeks ago applications were opened for the position of Chief Justice and the processing droids had their hands full sorting them. From these applications a few were selected as prime candidates. From these candidates one was chosen. With the unanimous approval of the Cabinet the new Chief Justice is… Abromus Andregar

Congratulations on your new appointment Chief Justice Andregar!
Federation Ledger Volume 3 Issue 1
Trade FederationA Letter From the Editor...

Happy Volume Three from the new Federation Ledger! That's right, we're no longer the Confederate Ledger, but instead we have a new name with renewed passion for what we do best - bring you high quality stories and articles from a expert staff of contributors.

This issue, we have exactly the same high caliber columns you have come to expect - special columnists covering the Ministries of Production, Defense, and the Interior still bring you news from their respective sectors, while Zanthea Zorg continues to answer all of your questions! (Remember to send them to her...you could be featured in the next issue!)

However, we do have some different things in store for you. We have a featured story regarding the Ailon Nova Guard's surprising merge with the Galactic Empire. We have a the next shocking chapter of Augustine Phiro's excellent tale Living and Dying. Finally, we have a touch a romance in the form of a new one-shot story called You Can't Clone An Angel that is dedicated to each and every member of the Trade Federation who is in love.

...And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the latest edition of the new Ledger - Volume 3, Issue 1. Enjoy!

Mathias Skylancer

New Minister of Defense Appointed!
Ministry of DefenseThere still has been no communication between Minister Hood and myself. So the Cabinet has talked it over and we have approved the appointment of Deputy Minister of Defense Drakken Ryder to Minister of Defense!

Congratulations to Minister Drakken Ryder! When Xavier Hood returns, as I am sure he will, we will find a fitting position where he can continue to work with the Ministry of Defense.
New Director of Culture Appointed!
Ministry of StateThe position of Director of Culture is a position that was removed from the Trade Federation rank structure sometime ago after several discussions by the Cabinet. It has now been deemed an appropriate time to bring it back and appoint someone to the position that has gone many nights sleepless improving the Department.

He has been the backbone of the Confederate Ledger for quite some time now and the bane (just kidding…sort of :P) of the Art Team with his art requests which he demands only the best of. Without further ado please put your hands together and congratulate Director of Culture…

Mathias Skylancer!!!

And yes Mathias I did wait specifically after you posted your ID update request to post this. Had to keep the surprise a secret. Your new ID should be arriving shortly along with a set of keys to the Directorate washroom.
Confederate Ledger Volume 2 Issue 2
Trade Federation
Baktoid welcomes a new leader, Kator Virdian
Ministry of ProductionBaktoid Armour Workshop has recently undergone a fairly substantial change with the reigns of power being conceded by Metyl Onyx.
The change was brought about due to Metyls linear promotion into the Trade Federation as the new Director of Industry. In a surprising announcement to regular Trade Federation personnell, Metyl officially handed the new leader Kator Virdian, the Baktoid 'keys' on Y11D320. Kator was the obvious choice due to his already proven leadership in other TF departments and projects.
Congratulations, Kator. And welcome to the Ministry of Production as Baktoid Armour Workshops' new Director of Manufacturing.
Baktoid Armour Workshop acquires Creshaldyne Industries
Ministry of ProductionThe Imperial Union has once again shown their might with their latest acquisition, Creshaldyne Industries. After intense negotiations and ferocious bidding, the Trade Federation reinforced Baktoid Armour Workshops' title as the leading items manufacturer of the galaxy. BAW absorbed Chreshaldyne's datacard lineup into it's own, already impressive inventory. Cheshaldyne held the schematics to a lot of Baktoid's designs, and this merger ensures that most of BAW technology is once again unique.

Confederate Ledger Volume 2 Issue 1
Trade Federation
Wage Hike Across the Federation
Office of the Duceroy:::TFNN Vinsoth System, Glythe Sector:: Live from the Trade Federation Star Destroyer, The TF Union:::

I'd like to announce a pay raise to all Trade Federation members. We have begun work on a new Tax Planet, and the Cabinet has decided to reward everyone for their hard work over the last few months. We are implementing a bigger jump at the lower ranks in hopes of attracting more new members.

The new pay scale will be as follows.

HC-2 - 3.5m
HC-1 - 3.0m

C-5 - 2.5m
C-4 - 2.3m
C-3 - 2.2m
C-2 - 2.1m
C-1 - 2.0m

O-5 - 1.7m
O-4 - 1.6m
O-3 - 1.5m
O-2 - 1.4m
O-1 - 1.3m

E-5 - 1m
E-4 - 800k
E-3 - 650k
E-2 - 500k
E-1 - 0.0

Congratulations everyone, and keep up the good work!
Duceroy Appointed!
Office of the Viceroy:::TFNN Velm System, Centrality Sector:: Live from the Trade Federation Flagship, the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship TFF Prosperity:::

The logo of the Trade Federation Viceroy appears on the screen and slowly is faded out and Jacob Jansen is seen standing on the bridge of the TFF Prosperity. Oblivious to the TFNN cameras, flight droids and Neimoidian bridge crew work in the background. The camera slowly zooms out and the rest of the Cabinet is seen standing behind the Viceroy.

"Citizens of the Trade Federation. I am speaking to you today to announce our new Duceroy. For many weeks Regent Bub'ba and I reviewed candidates who all overwhelmed us with their qualifications. We took many hours to discuss who we felt would be best suited for the colossal task of second in command of the Trade Federation. Finally, we came to a decision, and that decision was then brought to the Cabinet. With their unanimous support, the deed was done."

Jacob pauses for a moment.

"I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who was in the running for this position. I wish I could promote every one of you, but the job can only go to one person and in the end, a decision had to be made. You who were considered, and you know who you are, are all true assets to the Trade Federation. We are very lucky to have you and none of us will ever overlook your importance and loyalty."

Jacob takes a step closer to the podium and turns slightly facing the Cabinet at his side.

"Without further a due, I herby promote Minister of Defense, Kage Renbukai to the rank and post of Duceroy of the Trade Federation effective immediately!"

Jacob claps his hands as the new Duceroy bows to the cameras.

"Duceroy Renbukai is the most senior member of the Cabinet and all of us have the utmost faith in his leadership, dedication and loyalty. Still, his job won't be easy. Not only will he be working with me on a daily basis" Jacob pauses to smile, "but he will have a much wider realm to oversee. This realm includes every aspect of the Trade Federation. Even with all this, there is a more daunting task. That is filling the shoes of our last Duceroy, Bub'a Lou. I think we all agree, this will be his hardest task, but one I know he will be able to achieve."

Jacob and the rest of the Cabinet clap their hands as Duceroy Renbukai waves to the cameras.

"Now I give you our Duceroy, Kage Renbukai!"
New Regent Appointed!
Trade FederationGlythe Sector, Vinsoth - In a small, formal ceremony this past week, longtime Confederate and former Duceroy Bub'ba Lou was appointed as Regent of the Trade Federation. Regent Lou recently stepped down from his post as Duceroy to focus his time and energy on other pursuits; however, Viceroy Jacob Jansen felt that Mr. Lou's experience and leadership abilities were such that he would be the perfect successor to former Regent Centauri Tyridius. After the promotion ceremony concluded, Mr. Lou issued a brief statement:

I told Viceroy Jansen that it was unfair to all we have accomplished and to that we have yet to accomplish for him to hold the Duceroy position for me any longer. I love the Trade Federation and am proud of what we have all accomplished since I began as the second-in-command of Confederate Mining Corporation over two years ago. Because of this love for what I have helped build and those who have helped to build it, I do not want to see us lose ground because I am not able to devote the time that the Viceroy's operational second-in-command must commit. This will indeed be the perfect solution to my situation while still allowing me to assist the Cabinet when I am able.

I am discussing with our Viceroy candidates for a new Duceroy who both have not only displayed initiative and leadership, but also have the time to commit to really assisting the Viceroy in the running of all that is the Trade Federation. Viceroy Jansen and I will expect a lot of my successor, so we do not want to make a rushed decision. Once we have completed the selection process and consulted with the individual to make sure it is a responsibility they both want and can live up to, you will know shortly there after.

Thank you again, all!


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