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Order of the Viceroy Awarded!
Office of the Viceroy

Today I am honored and privileged to bestow the rarest of medals. So rare, only one other has received this reward since its creation.

The Order of the Viceroy is awarded to any person who has distinguished himself or herself by extraordinary achievement. The performance must be evidenced by voluntary action above and beyond the call of duty. The extraordinary achievement must have resulted in an accomplishment so exceptional and outstanding as to clearly set the individual apart from his or her comrades or from other persons in similar circumstances. The Order of the Viceroy Confers Lordship, However only Members of the Trade Federation are eligible for this award. Only the Trade Federation Viceroy can award this honor.

Our Director of Industry, Metyl Onyx has done so much for the Trade Federation a list would be far too long to post. But some of his more notable accomplishments would be management of our territory development. Metyl has been the primary architect for pretty much every planet side construction for the last few years as well as our current raw material footwork. He has and continues to manages the search for new territory which has already had success. I am speaking of the addition of New Apsolon to our empire. He spends many hours assisting with whatever needs to be done. Some of his work is very time consuming and I won't lie. Some of it is pretty boring. Yet he gets it done without complaint nor delay. He participates in many departments and sections of the Empire. Always doing his best. There is nothing else I could ask .

The list is endless and his contribution to the Federation is essential and irreplaceable.

For this, I Viceroy of the Trade Federation award Director Metyl Onyx The Order of the Viceroy. From this moment forward, you shall be addressed as Lord Metyl Onyx!

Congratulations Lord Onyx!
New Deputy Director of Naval Production
Ministry of Production

Greetings Fellow Traders,

It is with great honor that I got the privilege to announce today the new Deputy Director Of Naval Production. The appointment is a natural progression, he has been the very effective and hard working second officer of KDY for the past many months, Ted has proved himself highly capable and worthy of this position in High Command.

May I present to you Deputy Director Ted Winner.

I am sure Ted will continue and even improve his outstanding work for Kuat Drive Yards as one of the largest Shipyards in the Galaxy.

*Garon shakes Ted`s hand -- as the flashes from the retinal imaging chips light the room, recording the event for posterity
New Protectorate: Katana Fleet
Trade Federation

On Day 259 of the Year 13, after numerous diplomatic missions and a long-standing partnership, a Protectorate Act was signed between the Katana Fleet's leader and owner Draith Shadux and the Trade Federation Cabinet. This act is a military as well as an economical partnership, and is only granted to a select few factions, who have proven themselves as allies of the Federation.

Draith Shadux, Hierarch of the Katana Fleet, former member of the Trade Federation's Ministry of Defense and also a Lord of the Evocati, has always been very loyal to the Federation. The Cabinet is pleased to be able to expand our relations with the Katana Fleet through this act.

Given its status as a protectorate, the Katana Fleet is granted access to the Trade Federation holonetwork and its members are able to participate in all activities on it. The faction itself is allowed to request funds from the treasury as well as assistance from the Federation and its numerous departments. Anything from starships, droids and equipment to purchasing raw materials from the Department of Resources (Commerce Guild). Through this Act the Trade Federation military pledges to protect the Katana Fleet, should the need arise.
In return the Fleet may assist the Trade Federation in a number of activities, as they come up and as are agreed on between the two factions.
In the end, this is all about expanding relations and helping out friends.

The Katana Fleet is the third faction to sign a Protectorate Act with the Trade Federation. Joining the ranks with MedTech Industries and the Corporate Alliance - our first and second protectorates respectively.
I would like to welcome the Katana Fleet to our family and hope much good is to come between us.
New Apsolon joins the Trade Federation
Trade Federation

TFNN - New Apsolon, Terr'skiar

New Apsolon Planetary Government Approves Trade Federation Annexation Treaty, Infrastructure Improvement Begins

The latest reports from New Apsolon have confirmed that the New Apsolon World Parliament, the collective legislative body for all 8 major and 37 minor regional polities on the planet, has ratified the New Apsolon Annexation Treaty, making the planet the newest member of the Trade Federation. Sources say that the citizens of the planet are excited to rejoin the galactic political stage and opposition to the treaty was almost nonexistent.

After the Apsolonian Spring of Year -40 that saw dozens of dictators peacefully cede power to democratic movements, outspoken proponents of democracy on the Holonet cheered even as most people ignored the planet, likely due to the galaxy's seemingly inexorable slide towards the Clone Wars. Despite its location on the Ootmian Pabol hyperlane, New Apsolon was not regarded as a particularly exciting tourist destination or a waypoint for the major trading houses working out of Hutt Space. As such, the planet was untouched by either side during the Clone Wars and rapidly became somewhat of a forgotten backwater, known only to independent traders who preferred working out of neutral ports and the handful of people who developed a fondness for the pungent local brews.
Pengalan IV Construction Completed
Office of the Viceroy

::Your holonet screen fades into the logo of the Trade Federation Viceroy. After a few seconds the logo is replaced by a live broadcast from the press room of the Capital Building in the city of Forssetti, on the capital planet of Taanab. The seat of power for the Trade Federation. Standing at a podium is the Viceroy himself, Jacob Jansen.::

"Greetings my fellow citizens and servants of the Trade Federation. I have the pleasure to announce our latest medal awards. A lot of hard work has gone into a great many projects over the past few months. Most notably would be the completion of the planet city of Pengalan IV. This planet alone has given billions of citizens residence within our territory and added millions of credits to our treasury. Allowing us to fund more projects of this magnitude."
Federation Ledger; Volume 3, Issue 4
Ministry of StateWell, dear readers, the final issue from Volume 3 has finally arrived...better late than never, right? I assure you, the wait is definitely worth it - we have the last chapter of Living and Dying, an in-depth look at the newest Imperial Union member, and our regular advice and social news features.

I would also like to announce some changes to the Ledger Team. Departing us is Augustine Phiro, long time MoI veteran and Ledger writer. Joining us are Shaidar Haran, Marven Sirenius, and Noah Bulger. The Ledger is proud to welcome our new additions! With their help, Volume 4 should be one to remember.

One last thing: the Ledger has started a Classified Ads section. If you have something or someone you want to buy/sell/trade/rent/borrow/hire, the Ledger Classifieds is the place to do it. All inquiries are to be sent to Editor Marcus Justinian.

Happy Holidays
Trade FederationHappy Holidays from the Trade Federation!
Federation Ledger; Volume 3, Issue 3
Trade FederationThe Federation Ledger is proud to present the first issue of the post-Skylancer era. Eagle-eyed readers may notice the conspicuous absence of our popular Starry Social feature, as the Secret Socialite is likely in deep cover while trying to avoid the mysterious individual who is trying to uncover the Socialite's identity. While we are still not ready to go public with any details of the investigation into this matter, Federation Security Service detectives and sweeper teams are working around the clock to prevent any unseemly violence from occurring. We ask that you keep the Socialite in your thoughts during this dark time.

On a lighter note, this issue is jam-packed with excitement: the Ledger embarks on a tour of one of the primary raw material depots in Federation Space, Abromus Andregar conducts some history lessons regarding a former Viceroy as well as a looting incident at nationalized droid manufacturer Dorinian Military Corps, and we interview Baktoid Armor Manufacturing CEO Takhisis alongside our regular advice column.

As I take over the Editor-in-Chief job from my good friend Mathias Skylancer, I would like to thank him for being an amazing boss for so long, former Minister of State and now-Ambassador Dominic Masters for giving me this great opportunity, current Minister of State Jamaal Newport for being supportive through the transition period, Director of Industry Metyl Onyx for taking time out of his busy schedule to craft most of the artwork, and my right hand man, Senior Journalist Sephiroth Rhapsodos for simply being. This issue couldn't have happened without you!

Marcus Justinian

Treasury Surplus Distributed!
Office of the ViceroyYour holonet screen flashes and the Trade Federation Office of the Viceroy seal appears. After a few seconds its is replaced by a live broadcast from the bridge of the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship TFF Prosperity. Flagship of the Trade Federation and personal transport of the Viceroy. Standing at a podium on the bridge is the Viceroy himself, Jacob Jansen.

"With the recent economic expansion of the Federations income, the Department of the Treasury has reported huge reserves in the Federation budget. To extend my personal gratitude to all the hard work done by each department, I have approved a bonus of ten million credits to every active member of the Trade Federation."
King Jessy James visits Vinsoth!
Trade Federation

Recently, on day 124 of year 12, the Trade Federation was once again honoured to invite King Jessy James, former leader of the Hapes Consortium into our space. A long-time friend of our very own Viceroy, the Trade Federation and Hapes have always enjoyed very close relations.

This time however, on his 4 day official Hapan visit to the Vinsoth system, time was taken out of the busy schedule of the two great leaders to take a tour of the Pride of Vinsoth, the Trade Federationís brand new Super Star Destroyer. While both groups are members of the very exclusive club which possesses these impressive ships, both the Trade Federation and Hapes Consortium have modified their ships to suit individual needs, so the tour was still a new experience, echoing back to when Viceroy Jansen toured the Hapan ship HRS Tini'duran.
Operation Nargorn Compleate! - Medals Awarded!
Trade Federation

::Your holonet receiver flashes black and then changes to the logo of the Trade Federation Viceroy. Shortly after the screen changes showing the Viceroy standing on the bridge of his flagship, the TFF Prosperity.::

Today I am honored to announce the Trade Federation Department of Industry has finished construction of the city planet of Nargorn in the Selaggis System! Initial construction of the gas giant finished some days ago but it still will be some time before population numbers will rise and citizens can settle into their new cities. To date, this is one of our largest projects and looking back to when it was started, it was the fastest completed. Only taking our forces a mere 6 months!

Tax revenue from Nargorn will help fund the Trade Federation for many years to come allowing us to improve the rest of our territory with jewels like Nargorn, Lekua IV, Rafa V and Loszog...


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