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Deputy Director of Logistics Appointed
Ministry of the Interior

As the seals fade away you see Director Marco Salo standing in a dark cargo bay, only one light-source lights up his bare torso and face, sweat is running down his chest and forehead.

Welcome to this special announcement from the Department of Logistics

For some time now I have been without a deputy.. That changes now, my new deputy has done exceptionally well in her short time here in Trade Federation.
Always impressing her commanders. Its now time for her to take a step up and really show what she is made off.


Deputy Director of Logistics

Be as kind to her, as you would to me and all will be great. Please join me in congratulate her to her spot in DoL HC.
Director of Industry Appointed
Ministry of the Interior

The static of the transmission fades into the Seal of the Ministry of the Interior.

The seal is replaced with a grainy, unflattering image of Minister of the Interior, Marcus Justinian.

Ladies and gentlecritters of all species, I have a special promotion announcement for you all today.

Ian Darkholm has been running the Department of Industry ever since our dear ex-minister Lord Onyx traded in his fancy white uniform for a chance at the simple life away from all reasonably-fast Holonet access. Ian has done an amazing job taking over, particularly with organizing the massive shielding project in TF territory.

In recognition of his excellent service as Deputy Director and the responsibility he bears in his duties, i hereby announce Ian's promotion to full director, HC-2, and all the rights and responsibilities which are entailed.

Marcus looks off camera and covers the microphone with his hand. Through the incoherent mumbling can be heard the phrase "what do you mean 'extra 20 percent' for rush delivery?" and mention of an anatomically-impossible location for a drum of hyperdrive fuel.

Everyone please join me in showering Ian with your warmest congratulations!
Viceroyal Medal Ceremony
Office of the Viceroy

::Your holonet screen fades into the logo of the Trade Federation Viceroy. After a few seconds the logo is replaced by a live broadcast from the press room of the Trade Federation Capital Building in the city of Forssetti, Taanab. Standing at a podium is the Viceroy himself, Jacob Jansen..::

"I apologize for the lateness of this award ceremony. It was planned for end of the year, but as always, difficulties prevented me. Mostly my personal life getting in the way of me making this post. However, I prevailed and took the time necessary to compile all requests, review and approve.

Take note. Even as I don't comment on every award, no medal is pinned without my seal of approval. I am very proud of all of our members. Medals are very personal to me as they show just how much one member can make a difference and allow me to show my appreciation and gratitude to an individual on a 1 on 1 basis. As you can see from the very large chest of medals a few of our select veterans have to lug around every day.

Thank you all and please keep up the great work!"
Trade Federation Market Announcement!
Ministry of Production

Asrat, Nouane (TFNN) - The logo of Trade Federation News Network manifests, representing the scheduled conference broadcast via the GNS-TFNN link is about to commence. After a few seconds, it dissolves into the new Trade Federation Market Network Logo.

The logo once again fades to a young Hapan reporter standing in the midst of a crowd of press. While supporting the receiver in her ear to be able to hear the transmission, she tries to overcome the noise and begins: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and species of all kinds, I'm here reporting live today from the Department of Trade's headquarters within the Asrat System. All of the press has been invited here today by the Minister of Production, Salamku Derov. The Minister's office has been secretive to this point as to..." Her voice trails off as she works on receiving a transmission. After a moment, the Hapan quickly recovers her composure and continues, "The Minister has just entered view and is now making his way to the dais."

The camera pans upward away from the reporter, to the dais whereupon Minister Derov prepares to speak; next to him is an unidentified, uniformed human male.

The male standing next to the Minister, now identified as Tanez Kalrade, the Director of Trade, stands behind the dais.

"Thank you, Minister. I'm pleased to be here today to release to the public a project that has been months in the making." Pausing for a moment, the Director continues; "Since the creation of the Department of Trade less than a year ago, we as a Department have expanded our ventures with the assistance of various production corporations. With the help of the most excellent Board of Trade members, who have consistently provided valuable insight and expertise throughout the development of the project, I am most pleased to announce that the new holo-market has been completed and is now open to the public."

Minister of the Interior Appointed
Office of the Duceroy

Some months ago my friend, and our Minister of Interior, Metyl Onyx, had to take a sabbatical to attend to matters on the homefront. Happily these matters were all of a positive nature and meant good things for Metyl and his family. Here we are months later and it appears that Metyl is STILL busy living it up...lucky guy...The daily operations of Interior have since been managed by the MoI directorate under Deputy Minister Justinian's supervision.

Given that our last holotransmission from Metyl showed him in a tropical shirt, entirely too short shorts, and alcoholic beverages militantly double-fisted with an air of great professionalism, the Cabinet came to the resolution that he can't be minister anymore. Not because of his attire or method of (de)hydration. All that's standard MoI procedure. However, Metyl didn't invite us too, so he gets the boot.

In Metyl's place, we all agreed that Marcus Justinian is the best man to continue the long tradition of wholly ridiculous people running the Ministry of Interior.

On as serious a note as I can manage, I'm really not all that surprised Marcus has made it. It was most obvious, I think, when he was serving as MoI's CFLO. At that point, his job was to assign all posted missions to available pilots. In my years in the Federation, no one person or team has ever jockeyed mission assignments as well or as quickly as Marcus did alone. I'm STILL amazed he didn't completely burn himself out back then. Of course, now that he's a Cabinet member, I get to see how much he can really take ;D.
New Department of Recycling
Ministry of the Interior

Trade Federation Regent Olwin Froon and Vorsia Gearworks Director Lilith Delcroix pose for the holocameras after the announcement is made of a newly opened Trade Federation Department of Recycling.

"Fellow Trade Federation citizens", he says, I am happy to announce that our familiy has grown again.

Please welcome Lady Delcroix, who will be leading our new nationalized faction, a recycling company to be known as Vorsia Gearworks.

If you need something blown up: now you know whom to call.

Make sure to join the party outside!

They shake hands, nod towards the audience. leave the podium and head for the patio.
Federation Ledger: Volume 4, Issue 2
State Visit to Avance Coalition
Office of the Viceroy

TFNN - Planet Timora L4 Lagrange Point, Timora System, Bakura Sector

Year 14 Day 271 marked a historic state visit by Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen to the Avance Coalition. Viceroy Jansen, along with Minister of Production Salamku Derov, met with Avance's leader, First Seat Navik Ikron, in a closed-door session of diplomatic negotiations on a space station in the Timora system.
State Visit to Hapes Consortium
Trade Federation

Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen and Hapan King Alex Tylger pose for the holocameras after the Federation diplomatic delegation landed at Lorell Hall.

TFNN - Chume'Dan, Hapes Prime, Hapes Cluster

Year 14, Day 223 marked a historic occasion in the long-standing alliance between the Hapes Consortium and the Trade Federation. Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen made his first official state visit to the planet of his birth since assuming the position of Viceroy. Viceroy Jansen, selected members of the Trade Federation Cabinet, and a coterie of diplomats from the Trade Federation Department of External Affairs were greeted by King Alex Tylger and his selected advisors upon landing on Hapes itself.
Department of Trade Announces Grand Opening
Ministry of Production

The Trade Federation logo beams from holoprojectors positioned afront the announcement represent. Fading, the over-illuminated dais darkens to a comfortable light, revealing the newly appointed Director of Trade, Tanez Kalrade, with several other Department officials in attendance. Commanding the floor, an official motions to the various dignitaries, officials, and reporters that the speech is soon to begin.

The Director takes to the dais, quickly leafing prepared notes as the talking dies down; "Welcome sentients, I hope you are all comfortable. Before we begin I'd like to thank you all for coming today. The reason for this announcement from the Department of Trade today, is to inform the galaxy that preparations undertaken to reform the Trade Federation Market in accordance with the Federation's recent declaration of this department, have been completed."

"Staff and management have been working feverishly to ensure that everything planned for the opening day could in-fact be delivered upon, a mammoth task which they completed effectively, and on time."

"The Department can also announce that in accordance with the 'Empire of Trade' policy, various private enterprises were invited, and have accepted to join the Trade Federation Market as vendors, becoming the first such companies to sell their wares along with the Federation's nationalised industries aboard the Markerplate."

The Director motions to various persons and the holoprojectors luminate, beaming these logos ahead of the dais;

Director Kalrade acknowledges, and the projectors once again fade.

"With these joint-ventures in place the Federation will see to it that the benefits are felt not only by us, but the Galaxy at large."

"It will be in the coming months and beyond our goal to make the Trade Federation and affiliates, the foremost traders in the Galaxy. And with the affiliates we have chosen in this endeavour, I am sure that we will succeed. Any corporations interested in joining this neutral sales opportunity should contact me directly. This press release has concluded, any question may be taken through to the #TF-Traders lounge where I will join you shortly. Thank you."
Senior Leadership Change
Office of the Viceroy

TFNN - Taanab, Zeemacht Cluster

In an unprecedented moment in Trade Federation history, Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen announced today the appointment of Duceroy Olwin Froon as Regent, succeeding the retired Bub`ba Lou. Speaking of Regent Froon, "There is no other man who deserves this appointment more. His work and leadership of the Federation is invaluable," said the Viceroy, flanked by his entire Cabinet in a live address to the entire Federation.

After Regent Froon thanked the Viceroy and stepped down off the dais, Viceroy Jansen announced that Nohv Schiller will replace Regent Froon as Duceroy of the Trade Federation, allowing the newly appointed Regent to assist the Viceroy with overall strategy and direction of the colossal government of trade. The newly appointed Duceroy Schiller will focus on the day to day management of the government. These positions differ from one another in both daily duties and as they fit into the line of succession. Although the Regent is second to the Viceroy in prestige and is the first successor should the Viceroy resign or fall, the Regent is not the official second-in-command. The Duceroy is the second-in-command while the Regent is in more of a supporting role to the Viceroy. Still, the position holds enormous authority and respect within the Federation, as the sentient holding the title is likely to be the next Viceroy.

As he shook hands with the Viceroy, Duceroy Schiller took the podium announcing yet another shift in command, this time relating to the Ministry of the Interior. "My appointment to Duceroy naturally leaves the position of Minister of the Interior open. The Cabinet was quick to appoint my successor. I am honored to promote Director Metyl Onyx to the position of Minister of the Interior."

Minister Onyx previously served as Director of Industry and Advisor to the Cabinet. His appointment is no shock as he has been the leading contender for a ministerial promotion for some time now, given the long list of distinguished accomplishments in both the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Production. Lord Onyx was previously pulled from his role as Director of Manufacturing by the Viceroy himself after seeing his command potential.

The Duceroy finished his conference with the promotions of Marcus Justinian and Marco Salo. Marcus Justinian, who serves as Director of Logistics, will support Lord Onyx as Deputy Minister of the Interior. Marco Salo was promoted from his current position as the Deputy Director of Logistics to Director of Logistics. Both are well deserved promotions to men who command the trust and loyalty of the Logistics Corps, the largest department of the Trade Federation.

Viceroy Jansen finished the ceremony by pinning updated rank insignia on the newly promoted sentients to the raucous applause of the assembled crowd.
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