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New Apsolon joins the Trade Federation
Trade FederationTFNN - New Apsolon, Terr'skiar

New Apsolon Planetary Government Approves Trade Federation Annexation Treaty, Infrastructure Improvement Begins

The latest reports from New Apsolon have confirmed that the New Apsolon World Parliament, the collective legislative body for all 8 major and 37 minor regional polities on the planet, has ratified the New Apsolon Annexation Treaty, making the planet the newest member of the Trade Federation. Sources say that the citizens of the planet are excited to rejoin the galactic political stage and opposition to the treaty was almost nonexistent.

After the Apsolonian Spring of Year -40 that saw dozens of dictators peacefully cede power to democratic movements, outspoken proponents of democracy on the Holonet cheered even as most people ignored the planet, likely due to the galaxy's seemingly inexorable slide towards the Clone Wars. Despite its location on the Ootmian Pabol hyperlane, New Apsolon was not regarded as a particularly exciting tourist destination or a waypoint for the major trading houses working out of Hutt Space. As such, the planet was untouched by either side during the Clone Wars and rapidly became somewhat of a forgotten backwater, known only to independent traders who preferred working out of neutral ports and the handful of people who developed a fondness for the pungent local brews.

This status changed when Trade Federation scouts rediscovered the planet while scouting unclaimed regions near Trade Federation space as part of Operation Thylarctos. The political leaders of New Apsolon were ecstatic to once again open diplomatic relations with a major galactic power and welcomed the Trade Federation's diplomatic mission. After days of careful negotiations, the annexation treaty was drafted and presented to Parliament for debate over the objections of the Expansion Region Independent Merchants' Association. As a show of good faith, the Trade Federation began construction of a satellite network and planetary defense installations and promised to keep the ports open to free traders that have no known current or prior association with enemies of the Trade Federation government. With the ratification of the treaty, the Trade Federation Ministry of the Interior dispatched construction teams to improve the infrastructure to standard levels expected of all Trade Federation planets.

While Trade Federation Department of Industry specialists worked with local governments and business concerns to develop infrastructure, elements from the 4th Hapan Fleet and Aurodium Legion assisted in constructing military installations and patrolling the system for external threats, owing to pressure from pirate groups and recent New Republic expansion in neighboring sectors. As finishing touches were put on the defense grid, an official joint state visit was held aboard the Hapan Super Star Destroyer HRS Arwinian by Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen, Alexander Rai`ix Chume Tylger of the Hapes Consortium, and Legate Dorn Zeke of the Aurodium Legion. In addition to meeting with political leaders from New Apsolon, the three heads of state spent time touring local industrial centers and discussing future collaborative efforts.

One source in the Trade Federation government (who spoke on condition of anonymity) said, "Annexing New Apsolon is a great victory for the Trade Federation, with our assistance we foresee that New Apsolon will be the crown jewel of the sector within a year." It is expected that any dip in trade from independent merchants will be offset by the increased economic stimulus from Trade Federation commercial interests as well as the increase in sales of consumer goods that is expected to result from the planetary defense forces garrisoned by the Trade Federation Ministry of Defense. Hundreds of new droid repair shops have opened just in the last week in expectation of increased sales.

Aides to Viceroy Jansen confirmed rumors that a medal ceremony will be held in the near future to recognize the individuals who helped secure the planet and assist in developing local infrastructure. The Trade Federation News Network will carry that ceremony live as it happens.
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