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Pengalan IV Construction Completed
Office of the Viceroy::Your holonet screen fades into the logo of the Trade Federation Viceroy. After a few seconds the logo is replaced by a live broadcast from the press room of the Capital Building in the city of Forssetti, on the capital planet of Taanab. The seat of power for the Trade Federation. Standing at a podium is the Viceroy himself, Jacob Jansen.::

"Greetings my fellow citizens and servants of the Trade Federation. I have the pleasure to announce our latest medal awards. A lot of hard work has gone into a great many projects over the past few months. Most notably would be the completion of the planet city of Pengalan IV. This planet alone has given billions of citizens residence within our territory and added millions of credits to our treasury. Allowing us to fund more projects of this magnitude."

::The Viceroy pauses for a moment.::

"A very dedicated and professional team of builders is primarily responsible for the completion of this colossal project. Construction took many months and lots of hard work. In recognition for all their effort, I herby award the Tax Planet Pengalan [TPPen] commendation to the following..."

"For his extra effort and dedication to the project, I award the Distinguished Service Medal [DSM] to..."

"For leadership of the project I award the Bronze Seal [BS] to..."

"Please congratulate these well deserving individuals!"

::The Viceroy claps his hands and steps back from the podium and the screen fades to the logo of the Trade Federation Viceroy.::
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