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Articles: Federation Ledger
Volume 5 Issue 1
Interview with Director Delcroix - Dr. B - Gizka Infestation!

Volume 4 Issue 2
Katana Fleet: New Protectorate - Department of Trade - Now Printed on Ewok-Free Paper!

Volume 4 Issue 1
TF Citizenship Program - KDY Purchase - Tax Planet Finished - New (Old) Minister of Defense

Volume 3 Issue 4
Aurodium Legion joins the IU - Living and Dying, The Final Chapter - Sunny Port Iditrod

Volume 3 Issue 1
New Addition to the Fleet - Tehno Union System Managers - Metyl Onyx's new Role

Volume 2 Issue 2
Inside Operation Strongarm - Haven Dissolves - A look at year 11

Issue #9
Minister of Production Olwin Froon! - Viceroy and the King! - Top 10 Richest Confederates!

Issue #8
A look at the career of Pat Rulla! - In the Simulator! - An inside look at Medtech Industries!

Issue #7
Techno Union post merger! - MoD race to the finish line! - Interview with Minister of the Interior Morga Deva!

Issue #6
A look into Haor Chall Engineering! - Kage Renbukai appointed Minister of Defense!

Issue #5
A look into the world of Droid Production! - The Viceroys new Sith Powers! - New CIS Constitution Passed!

Issue #4
Trade Federation Joins Mandalore's 5th Anniversary! - Interview with the Consul!

Issue #3
Confederate Mining Corp merged with the Commerce Guild! - Interview with the TFM Board of Directors! - BAWs first run on the TFM!

Issue #2
Trade Federation Cabinet Announces Plans for the new Year! - A look back at year 9! - Interview with the Viceroy Jacob Jansen!

Issue #1
Trade Federation Joins the Imperial Union! - Confederate Recycling Company Announces first product run! - New Consul Elected!
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